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Medicine in the USA is arranged a little according to  other than in Russia, and in order to make an appointment and get an appointment with the right specialist, it can take a long time, you will need to go through a number of doctors,  get tested, take MRI scans, go through a number of additional specialists, get the necessary referrals from doctors, spend a lot  time and effort before you  get to the right doctor. We will help you go this way much faster and less costly. We work directly with hospitals and clinics in Miami and have the ability to make an appointment with the right doctor as soon as possible and without queues. Our specialists will provide you with full assistance from helping you with the translation of medical documents, obtaining a visa in the United States to making an appointment with your doctor and will help you with paying all medical bills and obtaining  zero balance.

Treatment  v  USA  is an  the most  advanced  and  effective  in  to all  the world.  Modern  equipment,  narrow-profile  specialists, innovative  drugs and treatment methods make medicine in the United States one of the most developed in the world. 




Diagnostics of your health condition using the most modern equipment in the best specialized hospitals in America. Qualified help from narrow-profile specialists!



After the examinations, it is necessary to get a doctor's consultation and a referral for further treatment.  The consultation is the most important step on which the subsequent treatment and diagnosis depends.



Treatment in the United States is quite costly but effective. We help our clients get through  all the way from beginning to recovery. From obtaining a visa, appointing a consultation to making an appointment with world-renowned doctors in the best clinics in America.

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