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Car rental in Miami, new crossover Jeep Grand Cherokee 2020  Floridacids is the best deals for car rental in Miami, affordable prices and high service for you and your loved ones. The rental price includes insurance and a Sun Pass for toll roads. In addition, you can order a meeting at the airport, a navigator, a child seat and a bike rack when renting bicycles.

New car, comfortable interior, 5 seats, multimedia,  rear view camera, navigation,  electric trunk, 2  zone climate control,  economical crossover. Floridacids is a guarantee of quality and comfortable service for the provision of services in Miami. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2020

  • Brand: Jeep

    Model: Grand Cherokee

    Year:  2020

    Mileage: 5000  miles

    Black color

    Price: 1500 $  per month 

    Deposit: 500 $

    Mileage limits: 1,500 miles per month, then 1 mile = $ 0.5

    Insurance:  full insurance, $ 500 deductible

    Availability: Available

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