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Car rental in Miami, new 2018 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid $ 800 per month! Watch the video:  Hybrid engine, low fuel consumption, comfortable business class sedan from Hyundai. Car rental will not be complete if you do not rent a bike or electric scooter! When choosing a bike, don't forget to choose a convenient bike rack. Now you can go on vacation to any park and travel around Miami in comfort at any distance, saving time and not looking for a free parking space for crazy money. An electric scooter or bicycle is a convenient means of getting around Miami in addition to a car. For example, you decide to go to the park for a rest, on an excursion to the zoo on the road to Key West, an electric scooter or bicycle will simply not be replaceable for comfortable movement. It is convenient, compact and easy to operate. Floridacids is the best deals for car rental in Miami, affordable prices and high service for you and your loved ones. The rental price includes insurance and a Sun Pass for toll roads. In addition, you can order a meeting at the airport, a navigator, a child seat and a bike rack when renting bicycles.
An economical, roomy sedan, business class at an affordable price, a combined salon, an excellent option for family trips in Miami. Car rental in Miami with Floridacids is a guarantee of quality at affordable prices.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2018

  • Brand:  Hyundai

    Model:  Sonata

    Year:  2018 

    Mileage: 1000 miles

    Color: Silver 

    Deposit: 300 $

    Insurance:  full insurance, deductible  500 $

    Price: 800 $  per month 

    Availability:  Free

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