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Urgent processing of a full package of documents of the Russian Federation for newborns in the United States, without a trip to the embassy in Washington. If you are flying to the United States for childbirth, we recommend  prepare in advance for this process.  The processing time takes 7-10  working days. Once you got your birth certificate  we can start processing Russian and American documents for a newborn. It should be noted that both sets of documents are done in parallel.  The package of Russian documents includes: citizenship of the Russian Federation, an old-style passport of the Russian Federation for 5 years, a notarized translation of the birth certificate. We work with all states in the USA. We offer flexible payment terms. Our services are not limited to paperwork for newborns, we also work with people over 18 years old. If you need to re-issue a passport or make a new one, apply for the restoration of Russian citizenship, re-issue an internal passport of the Russian Federation without a trip to the Russian Embassy in the United States. The specialists of our company will help you urgently arrange all the necessary  the documents  for  obtaining a passport  and deliver it to you. If you do not have a passport yet or you wish to renew (renew) it, we will definitely help you, even in the most difficult cases. 


Download the brief

Step 1.  After you give birth at the hospital, you will be given a birth certificate called the Birth Certificate Worksheet. In this form, you fill in your personal information, as well as the name of the child. ATTENTION! Be sure to check the information you wrote with the fact that the hospital employee enters into the computer, based on this data, an SSN will be sent to you and a birth certificate will be issued. 

Step 2. Further, about 3 days after discharge, you can already pick up the birth certificate. To do this, you need to fill out a form approximately similar to the one that was in the hospital and go to pick up the "Ministry of Civil Registry" and make at least 2 additional copies of the certificate.  Now we can start processing Russian and American documents

Step 3. Registration of the Apostille. Get Apostille yourself  quite simply, for this you need to buy a Money Order in the amount of $ 10, download, fill out and print the application and send it for apostille in Tellahasia. You can watch a detailed video here! Apostille will come to your mailbox after 14  days. If you want to issue an Apostille in an expedited manner in 3 days, we can do it for you.


Step 4. At this stage, we process the Russian  a package of documents for a newborn in the United States. You  have already received the Apostille or we have made it for you  and now we need  get the following package of documents: 

1. Birth certificate 

2. Apostille 

3. Photo of the child in electronic form

4. Scans of internal passports of the Russian Federation of both parents of all pages with marks

5. Scan of the certificate  about marriage or change of name, if the spouse changed her last name.

After the documents are collected and checked, you will receive a ready-made set of documents  to your U.S. address. 


Step 5. Delivery   documents from Moscow to your address of residence in the USA or Canada. We ship documents by UPS by default, express delivery usually takes 3-4 business days from the date of dispatch. After the documents have been sent, we will send you a tracking number for tracking.

Please note that UPS does not insure your documents for loss or violation.  delivery times! Therefore, you can use the services of another company DHL and insure your documents.

The cost of shipping via DHL with insurance is + $ 50 off the base  cost of services , delivery time 2-3 working days. 

Please note that our company is not responsible for the delivery of your documents from the moment they are transferred to the transport company! 

What is included in the set of Russian documents? 

You will receive: a passport of the Russian Federation for a child for a period of 5 years, an apostilled birth certificate, which will be translated into Russian and certified by a notary. The translated birth certificate will bear a stamp on the child's acceptance into Russian citizenship. 

The standard processing time for a Russian package of documents takes 2 weeks. (At the request of the client, we can reduce this period to 1-3 days).


Passport application

Form DS-3053

Step 5.  So, in order to issue an American set of documents for a newborn in the United States, it is necessary  personal presence of both parents and the child when submitting documents, you must also provide the following documents:

1. Original birth certificate

2. Originals of valid passports of parents

3. A copy of the marriage certificate when changing the mother's surname

4. Photo of the child of the established sample in printed form 

5. Scans  parents' passports  

ATTENTION! If one of the parents is unable to attend  submission of documents, he needs to make consent on the form DS-3053. Consent can be done after the birth of a child both at the US Embassy and  in the United States by notarizing it. You must provide the original consent!

What is included in the set of American  documents? 

You get: USA passport valid for 5 years, plastic  ID card,  birth certificate (which you gave when submitting)

Загранпаспорт РФ гарантия лучшей цены.jp


International passport for a child without  presence of parents country of birth of the Russian Federation

(both parents are citizens of the Russian Federation):

A set of Russian documents, citizenship of the Russian Federation + international passport

(both parents are citizens of the Russian Federation) with a personal  the presence of 1 of the parents in Moscow:

A set of Russian documents, citizenship of the Russian Federation + international passport

(both parents are citizens of the Russian Federation) without  presence:

A set of American documents for a newborn in the USA:

The cost of the state duty depends on the urgency of obtaining a passport. You can see the cost of state fees, as well as other expenses here!

Additional services:


We thank Floridacids for  registration  Russian package of documents for a newborn. We received the documents on time, within 2 weeks as we were promised. All documents are real,  decorated  no errors, we recommend.


Thanks to Floridacids for the quick  registration  Russian package of documents for a child for acceptable  money. We received the documents literally the next week after their submission. Everything  done correctly, clearly without errors and on time, we recommend.


I would like to thank Floridakids for their assistance with the design  documents for my daughter. We received the documents  literally in the second week. I will recommend you to my friends and family, thanks for the work done. 

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