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You bought a property  in Miami and want to receive a stable rental income, but you do not have the opportunity to be around and control everything. 

We will help you rent an apartment and provide full  a range of services for maintaining the apartment in excellent condition.

Floridakids is a reliable and trusted partner  for managing your real estate in Miami. 


Professional real estate  Miami property management services include:  complex marketing and advertising of real estate, careful selection of tenants and their verification, complete  spectrum  apartment maintenance services, timely collection of rent, regular inspections and checks of real estate, effective management and legal protection. Thanks to a large client base and efficient work of realtors, we guarantee high investment attractiveness, stable income and security.  

We work with all investors from different countries. It doesn't matter where you are and for how long you want to rent your property. We will help you to do it as efficiently, stable and safe as possible. 

Floridakids is the best  Property Management Company (PMC) in Miami, we are more than just a real estate agency. 

The prices for our services are only 10% of the rental price . You get a full qualified property  management and  real estate service on an ongoing basis with the ability to manage and fully control your real estate  in Miami.


Marketing and advertising your apartment on many famous sites around the world. You do not need to spend money and time by registering on different sites, we will do everything ourselves. We have a high rating, which we closely monitor, and a large client base. 


Our realtors will check and select the best tenants for your property. We will do a full check on all bases and provide you with full information about the reliability of the tenant.


You receive a full range of services for apartment maintenance from licensed specialists: repair of air conditioners, cleaning the apartment, checking pipes, removing fungus,  lawn mowing, renovation, purchase of furniture and essentials, regular inspections  and much more. 

Fees and payment

We guarantee timely collection of rent, deposits, apartment taxes, utility bills and additional maintenance fees, as well as all additional fees at the condo association.

Inspection and inspection

Having rented out an apartment, the owner often worries about its safety and condition, without being able to check it regularly. Don't worry, we will make an inspection on a regular basis and provide complete information about the apartment. 


Effective management is the main key to success and stability for the owner. We will ensure maximum profit and guarantee legal protection and safety of your property.

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