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You can choose a ready-made package of services "Basic" or create your own package of services yourself for even more comfortable childbirth in Miami.

Our  company  is engaged in  full organization  childbirth in miami at the best  hospitals in the USA, from doctors of obstetricians-gynecologists with  world famous. By contacting Floridacids,  you get: an individual approach,  confidence,  calmness,  care and increased attention of our employees. Childbirth in Miami with a personalized service for you!


Transport service

  • Transfer from  airport  Miami to apartments

  • Transfer for the first visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist and assistance in  conclusion  contract

  • Transfer to the hospital for a study tour and conclusion of a contract

  • Transfer to the pediatrician for the first visit

  • Transfer to Miami airport


Flat rent

  • Search  apartments  and assistance in settling  



  • Execution of an American package of documents for a newborn; the processing time is 2-3 weeks:  birth certificate 2pcs, passport photo 2pcs, US passport for 5 years, ID card  interior  passport valid for 5 years, social security number SSN is sent to your residence address)

  • Registration of a Russian set of documents for a newborn, the processing time is 2 weeks: a passport of the Russian Federation for 5 years, apostille on the US birth certificate, translation and certification of a birth certificate and apostille, a stamp of acceptance in  citizenship  RF)


Financial documents

  • Zero balance from hospital  

  • Zero balance from obstetrician-gynecologist

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