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You have found an apartment in Miami on your own on another site at a bargain price, but you doubt its condition and the honesty of the owner. You are not sure about the apartment, rental conditions  and want to check everything again?

We will help you make  right choice! Our realtors will make detailed  photo and  video of the apartment, check the apartment for traces of mold, odors, insects. They will check the owner of the apartment and help in drawing up the contract  lease.

When renting an apartment for a long time, you may face a number of problems, so we recommend that you trust the professionals!


Before making a deposit for an apartment in Miami you like, we recommend that you make sure once again what you are renting and to whom you are paying money. Very often we hear that "we"  found an apartment at a super price, in a good location,  but upon arrival we do not like the apartment, everything is absolutely different from what it was in the photo, or even worse, the person to whom you transferred the money simply disappears, re-renting his apartment to you and violating the terms of the lease, and as a result, you do not move into the apartment and cannot return the money. In order not to get into such a situation, it is necessary to be very careful about the selection and verification of an apartment. the sums and terms of renting an apartment in Miami are rather big. Most well-known sites such as do not guarantee or protect you from scams and tricks on the part of itself or the apartment owners. Moreover, the prices on these sites are always higher, due to their commission, which they charge from apartment owners. If you want that you are guaranteed to settle in exactly the apartment that you see, for the price that you are told and not have problems with the return of the deposit, we offer you a service of services for the inspection and selection of apartments in Miami.

Inspection of the apartment

You send us the apartment you are interested in and all the information you have about it. We call the owner, make an appointment and go to inspect the apartment. Upon arrival, we take detailed photos and videos of the apartment. We check the apartment for mold, odors, insects, extraneous noise in the building and repair of neighbors.


The next step is to check all the legal issues, who is the owner, to whom you are transferring money, how the deposit will be returned and get acquainted  with the terms of the owner's contract, if necessary, we make our own adjustments and check all the information on the apartment.


After all the performed procedures, we will give you a complete conclusion on the apartment and its real price on the market. If the price is too high, you can ask the owner for a discount based on the flaws that will be revealed during the inspection.

With new virtual technology  reality  and  360-degree view of the apartment you are not  overlook details when choosing an apartment in Miami.


Service prices
Operating procedure

We offer flexible prices and an individual approach to inspect and inspect apartments in Miami. This service will be relevant to those who have decided to find an apartment in Miami on their own, but are afraid to transfer money "from photographs" and want to get an expert's assessment of the real state of the apartment and make sure the owner is honest.

  1. You choose how many apartments you need to inspect

  2. You pay for our services in a convenient way

  3. You  provide all the information you have about the apartment

  4. We  calls the owner and make an appointment

  5. We go to inspect the apartment, take a photo  and send you all the information about the apartment.

Our main task  protect you from fraud, dishonest owners and black people  realtors. Give you the right  rent an apartment in Miami on legal terms at a real price. Identify all the flaws in the apartment before you check in. The costs of our services are easily covered by the provided discount from the owner when  the right approach to finding housing.

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