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Attention!  From March 1, the US Embassy in the Russian Federation  renew  my  work . If you want to extend a tourist visa to the United States, which expired no more than 11 months ago, we have the opportunity to register you at the US Embassy in Yekaterinburg, the processing time in this case will be 2-3 weeks. Personal  presence  no renewal is required. A new visa, in this case, will be issued for a period of 3 years.


Step 1.  When applying for a tourist visa for the first time, please send information on each applicant. At the moment, only a visa extension is possible!  To do this, you need to download and fill out our questionnaire and send it along with your scanned passports to us by e-mail:  If you are applying for a visa extension, you can send us scans of your previous DS-160 application for verification.    

Download the questionnaire

Floridakids specializes in obtaining a tourist and medical visa to the United States. 

Step 2.  The second step will be to check your profile and collect the necessary documents that you will need during the interview  to apply for a US visa. 

Documents to be provided:

- Certificate from the place of work indicating the position, salary and length of service

- Old passports (if they have visas)

-  Bank certificate on the availability of funds  on account

-  Certificate  about the birth of children (copy)

- Certificate of ownership (if any)

- Marriage certificate (copy)

-  One  colored, matte  a photograph  5x5 on a white background. The ears are open and without glasses.

- A valid passport of the Russian Federation  

Attention: if you are applying for a visa extension, you need to provide the original documents! 

Step 3. Payment of the consular fee and our services. 

Where can I pay the consular fee of the US Embassy in the Russian Federation?

Our services - $ 200

Payment for the services of a Floridakids visa officer

Step 4. After payment, we agree on the dates with you and schedule you to submit documents to the US Embassy.

In case of renewal, documents are submitted without your presence in person. In the event that the Consul of the US Embassy decides that an additional interview is needed, we will make an appointment for you at a convenient date for you. 

ATTENTION! Not  bring with you to the interview  liquids (including perfumes), computers,  cameras, electronic devices, wires (including headphones), USB flash drives,  large bags, briefcases, suitcases and musical instruments. You will not be admitted to the Embassy  with any means of self-defense (including  firearms, stabbing and cutting objects, gas cartridges), with  flammable and poisonous substances. This warning  intended for  reductions  waiting time in line and increasing  For your safety.

Step 5. After the interview, your documents will be ready in 2-3 business days. If the interview took place in Moscow or you signed up for a visa extension, our courier will deliver your documents to your address. If the interview took place in another country, you will need to wait until the document is ready and pick it up yourself at the address that we will indicate to you in a letter along with information and documents for the interview. 


We remind you that the period for which a tourist visa is issued  B1 / B2 for citizens of the Russian Federation is 3 years. The period of stay on the territory of the United States should not exceed 180 days (if the customs officer at  everywhere in the United States did not set shorter periods of stay). 

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