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What to buy  house or apartment in Miami?  What will bring more return on investment? Which property is more liquid?  How much are maintenance costs?  We will answer all your questions and help you choose the best  house in Miami.

Buy a house in Miami

When buying real estate in Miami, many clients are often faced with a difficult choice of what is better to buy: a house in Miami or an apartment near the ocean. Each object is of a certain interest, which depends on your goals and objectives. Our task is to help you find the property that would fully meet your requirements and be liquid  and had a good price. You can buy a house in Miami on the secondary housing market or buy a house in a cottage community at the stage of its construction, or purchase a plot of land for the further construction of a house according to your individual project. A huge selection of housing and low interest rates on mortgages for non-residents open up great prospects for buying. Our experts will help you find a property for every taste from  chic  houses on Golden Beach before  modern new home 20 minutes drive from  ocean at Pompano Beach. 

housing market

Homes in the secondary real estate market in Miami are in the highest demand. Buying a house on average takes about 1 month from filing documents to obtaining ownership. Buying a home on the secondary market is the most stable and predictable step  with the lowest risk for  investment. 

Investment appraisal

Before buying a house in Miami, it is necessary to make an expert assessment of the condition of the real estate and calculate the investment attractiveness for the investor. An expert judgment will help to avoid hidden damage in the house and can significantly affect the discount. 

Under construction

If you are in no hurry to move into the house and consider buying it as a long-term investment. The best way to increase your income is to buy a house at the beginning of its construction. In this case, payment is made in installments, as construction progresses.  and you may not need a loan. The cost of a house from the moment of its construction to the moment of occupancy will increase by an average of 20%  - 25%.

Mortgage and loan

Want to buy a house in Miami, but you don't have enough funds - this is not a problem! We will help you get a loan in the USA and  take a mortgage from an American bank on favorable terms  or we will offer alternative lending methods on acceptable terms.


We will help you choose a land plot in Miami for the construction of a residential  real estate  in an investment attractive area. Despite the fact that most plots are sold with houses already built, this segment of the real estate market is the most highly profitable business. 

Buying on Foreclosure

Perhaps the most profitable and risky option for buying a home in Miami. Buying a home through a Foreclosure auction is the most profitable way because you are buying property from a bank or government for the debts of the previous owner at prices below the market. Foreclosure is a justified risk with a skillful approach and a sober assessment of your capabilities. The income from the purchase of such real estate can amount to tens of percent of its value.

Examples of calculations from nested  investment 

2415 Middle River Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

4 beds 5 baths 4,967 sqft

2,500,000 $

Индивидуальный проект. Современный вид в Ки-Уэст стиле. История этого дома уникальна: первый дом на этом участке был куплен в 1987г за 174,000$ и продан в 1993г за 210,000$. Спустя 9 лет дом покупают за 410,000$ в 2002г и сразу же продают спустя 2 месяца за 450,000$ и спустя опять 9 лет дом сносят и отстраивают заново в 2011г. На текущий момент стоимость дома составляет порядка 1,300,000$, а земельный участок под ним оценивается в 300,000$ (данные взяты из рег. палаты штата Флорида, по которым высчитывается налог)

Цифры и факты:

Площадь: Lot: 6,094 sqft

Проживает: Single Family

Построен: Built in 2011

Последняя продажа:  May 2002 for $450,000

Цена: Price/sqft: $101​

История продаж:

5/23/2002  WD  $450,000  33186 / 704

3/29/2002  WD  $410,000  33077 / 1374

3/1/1993  WD  $210,000  20411 / 738

2/1/1987  WD  $174,000   

Налоги и таксы за 2016г

Налоги за 2016г составляют - 22,332.79$

История оценки стоимости дома за 2016г

07/29/16 - $2,750,000$

03/12/16 - $2,750,000 - 3.5%

02/26/16 - $2,850,000 - 3.4%$

01/11/16 - $2,950,000 + 556%

В данный момент дом находится на продаже и вы можете его приобрести.

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7201 NW 11th St, Plantation, FL 33313

3 beds 2 baths 1,724 sqft

319,000 $

Это типичный одноэтажный американский дом, в хорошем районе, площадью порядка 160м2 расположенный в спальном районе, отдельное комьюнити, бассейн на участке, гараж на 2 машины. Дом построен в 1967г что является стандартом для данной ценовой категории домов в штате Флорида. Дом продается немного ниже рынка примерно на 20.000$ чем аналогичные дома по соседству, Плюс этого дома в том что в нем жила одна семья и довольно давно с 2003г, по предварительной оценки дом не находится в залоге у банка и не имеет задолженностей по квартплате. На наш взгляд необходимо произвести экспертную оценку технического состояния дома и проверить документы на предмет перепланировок и ремонтных работ.

Цифры и факты:

Площадь: 1,724 sqft

Проживает: Single Family

Построен: Built in 1967

Последняя продажа:  Mar 2004 for $265,000

Цена: Price/sqft: $185

История продаж:

2/27/2003 WD $265,000  37081 / 1809

2/27/2003  QCD  $100  36417 / 255

2/8/1999  QCD  $100  29225 / 1903

9/1/1993  WD  $123,000  21143 / 194

11/1/1967  WD  $27,900   

Налоги и таксы за 2016г

Налоги за 2016г составляют - 5,402$

История оценки стоимости дома за 2016г

10/26/16 - $319,000 + 6.4%

08/26/16 - $299,900

07/25/16 - $299,900

03/17/04 - $265,000

В данный момент дом находится на продаже и вы можете его приобрести.

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