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Complete the full IVF course in Miami at the best clinic  in vitro fertilization -  IVFMD. The South Florida Institute For Reproductive Medicine is the best clinic in the state of Florida employing such renowned world-renowned doctors as Dr.  Ellen Wood. Moreover, the clinic offers the best prices for IVF, ICSI, treatment  infertility, gender selection for the child. Individual treatment programs for clients from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Full insurance, colossal experience since 1991, modern technologies, qualified doctors  and affordable IVF prices in Miami make IVFMD clinic the best choice for many clients.

Childbirth in Miami with a personal approach according to an individual program 


Dr. Ellen Wood / Dr. Ellen Wood is a first-class IVF specialist in Miami who has been with IVFMD for over 15 years. Doctor  Ellen Wood is certified  specialist in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and in the narrow specialization of reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Before joining IVFMD, Dr. Ellen wood  worked  Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; and as Director of Academic Services at the MCP of Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Her main specialty  include extracorporeal fertilization, congenital uterine anomalies, and advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical techniques.  She has published numerous articles and co-authored several book chapters.  Dr. Ellen Wood presented her research at national and international meetings.

Dr. Ellen Wood is a Fellow of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Scientific  fellow at the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


IVF prices in Miami and the USA for citizens from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries will be lower than for American citizens. If you are planning to undergo IVF in Miami at the IVFMD clinic, we recommend that you contact Floridakids specialists for an initial consultation and understanding of the treatment processes, timing and treatment plan. We will select the best treatment plan for you, help you prepare all the necessary documents for a US visa , schedule your first visit to Dr. Ellen Wood, provide a specialized medical translator for all visits, offer an apartment based on your budget and length of stay, and provide further support for all medical questions.

IVF in Miami is a complex organizational process that is highly individual and depends on the characteristics of the health status of each patient. It should be noted that all procedures in the IVFMD clinic are insured, so you pay only for the finished result. Moreover, we will offer the best price for any of the IVF services in Miami.

Biography Dr. Ellen wood

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