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Condo Association in Miami

Current offers for renting an apartment  in Miami you can see on our website. If you have found an apartment in Miami on your own, at what you think is a bargain price,  We recommend that you read the reviews about it and familiarize yourself with the lease terms of the condo association. Before making a deposit for an apartment, you need to check who is the owner of the apartment and to whom you are transferring money. Moreover, it is important to know all the rental conditions and the rules for concluding contracts in  building. Not always you can move into an apartment for the period you want. Most  buildings in Miami are allowed to rent an apartment for a period of at least 6 months a year, and sometimes at least a year. Short-term apartment rentals in Miami are in great demand among tourists, so there are hotel-type houses specially for them with the possibility of renting from several days to 6  months of lease. Each condo has its own lease terms, requirements for tenants and lease terms.  As a rule, these houses are located on the first coastline from the ocean, which is a big plus for those who arrive for vacation or childbirth in Miami .  If you have any questions about finding an apartment in Miami, you can always ask them by contacting us  in a way convenient for you. 

Miami apartment rentals take place in three  stage

Search and Inspection

We will find the apartment that suits you completely, go to the facility and take photos and videos.


We will submit and fill out all the necessary documents for the condo association for you and help you get verified.

Check in

We will meet and settle you in the apartment, as well as provide further service throughout the entire rental period.

I need your help

Fine! The message is received.

Choose a building and read reviews

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