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Oct 16, 2017 

I want to tell my story of cooperation with floridakids! I had never been to America before, but I knew for sure that my third birth would be in America. The question arose in choosing a company, I reviewed, if not all companies, then a sufficient number (probably many will understand me who faced this issue for the first time). The choice was on floridakids, but at first they were just visas for the whole family (2 adults and 2 children). And I can say that the guys did not put pressure on the registration of all other services !! Then I tried to find an apartment for rent , but to be honest, it took a lot of time and was not enough for me, and here the guys helped again, then rent a car, a doctor , a hospital , showed all the shops, all playgrounds, a trainer for children, to meet in airport and conducts (here a special thank you, because on the phone they led from the plane to the moment of leaving the meeting place, the airport in Miami is huge and all the time you go to the exit ...) in general, imperceptibly, but Dima solved all the problems that arise in front of us, as kind fairy (forgive Dmitry for comparing it with this character). The issue with the documents for the baby was resolved so quickly that instead of the planned date, we returned home a month earlier !!! As for the financial side, I did not overpay anything, I paid only for the services that I needed and not some crazy numbers, but a completely adequate and acceptable amount! In general, many thanks to the guys !!! We will definitely recommend you and for the fourth time again with you! PS Sorry for so long ...

Apr 27, 2015 

"I faced the need to find decent housing at an adequate price in a short time. On the recommendation of my friends, I turned to Floridakids, where the manager offered me a large number of interesting options, from which I chose what suited me in terms of location, and, most importantly for the price. Rented an apartment in Sunny Isles Beach
I really liked the fact that the realtor went to each viewing, sent a detailed photo-video report on each apartment, from which I could immediately filter out the options that were not suitable for me without wasting time. 
When renting an apartment , I entered into a contract, made a deposit and paid for the first month of living. After the expiration of the lease term, after 10 days, the deposit was returned to my card without any problems. 
Many thanks to you and my friends for the excellent recommendation. "

Sep 4, 2016 

"Thank you for your help in obtaining a passport for a child. Very quickly, I did not expect!"

Elena Travina

Aug 8, 2016 

"Dear and respected Dmitry, hello! Sorry for not writing for a long time! Nerves affected before the flight and lack of sleep)) However, everything turned out great and how everything in this difficult journey is according to plan thanks to you !! Therefore, please accept my sincere words of gratitude for your . work and professionalism you a great organizer because I chose a very cool team of assistants - staff: clearly, professionally, not intrusive and qualitatively all done our job you deserve the maximum confidence and great respect I consider it my duty to necessarily share impressions from! trip for delivery through your a company with everyone who is interested in first-class medicine, comfortable and very decent living, as well as a chance to see a country in America where everything is truly for a person !! Thank you and your company for my wonderful Masha, for three unforgettable months !!!! Sincerely, Elena."

Sep 8, 2016 

"Thank you very much. Thank you for the fast paperwork. "

Elena Eremenko

Sep 7, 2016 

"Thank you very much. We have received the documents, we will recommend you."

Aug 25, 2016 

"Good day.

The documents came, everything is ok.  Thanks a lot. B Udem recommend you ... "

Adelila Sharipova

Sep 12, 2016 

"Good afternoon, we have received your passport ! Thank you very much, Dmitry! Good day."

Aug 22, 2016 

"Good afternoon, thank you for helping me get my passport . Everything is clear as promised, I will recommend you."  "

Aug 5, 2016 

"We would like to express our gratitude for the help in renting an apartment , we have been selected an excellent option on the first line overlooking the ocean  on,  we can say a ridiculous price. Special thanks to Sergey for his help with the paperwork for the condo. And many thanks to Dmitry for the execution of Russian documents , the documents were done in 7 days as promised, I will recommend you  "

Jul 25, 2016 

"Many thanks Dmitry, we have already received the documents. We are very grateful to you for the high-quality and fast work! Write if there is a link on Facebook, my husband and I will definitely publish on our page."

Jul 19, 2016 

"I want to say a big thank you to Floridacids for the prompt  paperwork for my child and mother. Excellent work, we will recommend you. "

Jul 26, 2016 

"I would like to express my gratitude to Floridakids for the clear  work, all done  as promised on time, thanks. "

Jul 21, 2015 

"Many thanks to Floridacids for their help and support in  organization of childbirth in Miami : from visa processing, renting an apartment , wonderful  Doctor Nabil Matara and registration of all documents for the child . Three months spent in Miami were just a paradise, in which you want to get back ... "

Dear friends, thank you so much for your kind words,  reviews and recommendations.  We are very pleased to hear them from you.  This is an incredible incentive  which drives us to do the work we already love  even better, offer more services and develop. Thank you for this, without you none of this would have happened.

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