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If after giving birth in the United States, you have not received your SSN Social Security Number by mail within 6 weeks, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this page.

You can recover a lost or not received SSN at the Social Security Administration office.

What  Social security

In this  This brochure provides an overview of the most important aspects of Social Security programs, additional

social income (SSI) and Medicare. More information about these programs and our publications can be found on our website 

SSN card number

The social security number is important because it is necessary to get a job,

receiving benefits from Social Security and other government services. Many companies, such as banks or lending institutions, also ask for your Social Security number. 

SSN data for 2016

This document provides a 2016 update on Social Security benefits and taxes. In accordance with the law, some indicators are automatically changed every  year to keep social security programs in line with prices and wages  boards. 

SSN for kids

After the birth of a child alone  of the primary tasks, about which  not to be forgotten is receiving

child's social security numbers (also known as "number
Social Security ”, often used English abbreviation - SSN. The easiest way to do this is simultaneously with the registration of the birth certificate, while the child has not yet been discharged from the hospital.

Application for receiving 


• getting your first social security card
• obtaining a duplicate social security card
• changing or correcting your details on your social security card

SSN protection

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing types of crime  in America.

Attackers who know your
social security number (SSN) may use it to find out your other personal information. They can use your SSN and your good
  credit  rating for opening new credit accounts. 

The addresses of the nearest offices of the Social Security Administration in Miami
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